The Internet Society has developped a series of short briefs to explain what is the internet, how it works , who makes it work and how the internet is evolving.

In a relatively short period of time, the Internet has had an amazing impact on almost every facet of our lives. With it, we are able access to new ideas, more information, unlimited possibilities, and a whole new world of communities. It has grown and evolved to influence how we interact, how we conduct business, how we learn, and how we proceed day to day. And as much as it has changed our lives, in the process, the Internet itself has changed too.

What Is the Internet?

Learn about the varying perspectives on the history of the Internet and read A Brief History of the Internet, written by those who created it.

How Does the Internet Work?

Gain a stronger appreciation of how the Internet operates as a network and how each of its essential components make it work.

Who Makes the Internet Work?

Explore the Internet Ecosystem and learn about the organizations and communities that guide the Internet’s operation and development.

How Is the Internet Evolving?

What will the Internet look like in the next 10 years? Explore how it’s evolving and strategies for helping it grow in the best possible way.

What is the Internet?