Each exchange will take place over 2 days prior to the regional Internet Governance Forum in Africa, Asia and Latin America. 10-15 participants from each region will be selected based on a set of criteria defined by the regional coordination team made up of APC staff and members. The two days will focus on:

Day 1: What does gender and women’s rights have to do with Internet Governance: (What is internet governance?

  • History, impetus including cross-jurisdictional issues
  • Ecology: principle institutions (including regional and national), actors, processes
  • Current debates in internet governance: multistakeholder, role of the state, fracture of civil society, geopolitical issues

Day 2: Thematic discussions from a gender / women’s rights perspective informed by regional context e.g.: privacy, security, intellectual property, technology-related violence against women, intermediary liability, net neutrality, data protection, sexual rights, access, freedom of expression and association etc.

The methodology will be a mix of inputs by resource people and interactive, peer-to-peer discussions / learning processes drawing on participants existing knowledge and experience. Additional reading and resource material will be provided beforehand.

The workshops agendas for each region will be added soon on the following pages:

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