This module takes an introductory look at sexual rights in the context of the internet and ICTs. It begins by defining key concepts within sexual rights, and how they have been recognized within international human rights law. The module then explores links between sexual rights activism and access to and uses of the internet. It looks at some of the ways in which access to the internet facilitates sexual rights activism (e.g. through access to information an education, creating safer spaces for communities), as well as looking at how policy and legislative measure that seek to regulate the internet  and accompanying debates (e.g. over morality and censorship) impact sexual rights online.

Throughout this module, the following questions are posed:

  • How do we define sexual rights?
  • What is the relationship between sexual rights, human rights and internet rights? How are marginalized communities (e.g. women of varying socio-­‐economic classes, and LGBTIQ persons) making use of the internet to realize sexual rights?
  • What are some of the ways that sexual rights are violated online?
  • How does do policy and legislative measures that seek to regulate the internet impact the promotion of sexual rights, both online and offline?

Download the handout, case studies and additional resources.

Sexual Rights & The Internet – Training kit